Monday, May 9, 2016

Teachers: Kentucky’s irreplaceable asset

As many of you have heard me say, the second best professional decision I ever made was coming to Kentucky.  The first was listening to my calling to become an educator.  I am honored to consider myself among the ranks of the teaching profession.  

Education is the greatest and most noble profession.  It is the only profession that is at the root of all others.  I think it is time we remember that and remember that our teachers are our most precious resource in ensuring a better life for the students of Kentucky.  

Last week, during Teacher Appreciation Week, I encouraged our state to #ThankaKYTeacher by posting on Twitter their thoughts about that special teacher in their life.  Based on those posts, this week I believe the people of Kentucky have written a better blog collectively than I can alone so, I would like to share some of their tweets with you.  

Erin Waggoner‏@erinwaggoner
Thx Mrs. Gillum for making me (heart) school so much I cried on the LAST day, not the 1st. #ThankATeacher #thankakyteacher 

Charlotte Goddard‏@emmynickysmama2
Jennifer Willis, thank you for believing in Emily and empowering her! You have been a strong female role model! #GCMS #thankaKYteacher

Michelle Oakley‏@OakleyMichelleM
Thank you, Mrs. Sheila Todd, my 5th grade teacher at Nancy Elementary for instilling my passion for becoming a teacher! #thankakyteacher

Courtney DeRossett‏@CLDeRossett
Thank you Linda Dale & Nancy Cade for being the most inspiring teachers! Hard work & high expectations, forever grateful! #ThankAKYTeacher

I'm a better teacher bc of @adamlspinks who always challenges me to reflect and improve upon what I do in my classroom. #thankaKYteacher

Jo Allison Slone‏@joallison_slone
HTA to Carolyn Gibson. My Knott Co Centr. Art tchr. 1990-1994 You taught me how to love students. Now kick cancer's butt! #ThankaKYteacher

McCreary Central HS‏@McCrearyCentral
A special Thank You to Mrs. Opal Heth - she made the difference in 1972. The power of #thankaKyteacher @KyDeptofEd

I am so honored to be an educator and to be in a state that values the education of its students.  It is a vast understatement to say I appreciate our teachers – my gratitude and admiration goes far beyond appreciation.  I am humbled by the Kentucky teachers who touch the lives of their students every day. Most of all, I am proud of their work, of their impact on our students and their willingness to stand for our students in a job that becomes tougher each year and unfortunately more underappreciated.  

So, please join me in thanking a teacher.  We all have one or more that shaped us into who we are. Try to make time to drop them note, post something on social media, send some flowers, or even go by and say hello. And know that these efforts need not be confined to a certain day, week or month of the year. Anytime is the right time to thank a teacher for what they may have done to impact your life. I assure you, nothing means more to a teacher than a former student taking just a few moments to say thank you. 

Teachers are an irreplaceable asset, please let them know it.

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